Hi, my name is Alexis Chaffin, and I am a designer with a focus on web and graphic design. I am a well organized, hard worker. After graduating high school in 2017 I began my journey to a career in design at Chemeketa Community College where I am finishing my third year and will soon graduate in June of 2020.

Taking all of the art and web design classes I could possibly take since middle school, I have immersed myself in the creative world. I spent two years in the Visual Communications program, where I was able to learn new skills in web and graphic design, work with clients, and meet the most amazing people.

I am seeking a job of employment with a company who needs a web or graphic designer on their team. I enjoy working with others and meeting new people. My degree is geared more towards web design using HTML5 and CSS3.; however, I have background and knowledge of graphic design, illustration, logo design, and marketing.